Food for thoughts


For enterprises:

First analyse, and then put into practice. Applying your resources in the right place often allows you to achieve better results with less investment.


For local authorities:

The best case is improved services at decreasing costs. Wishful thinking? Not really. Especially the environmental area hides important saving potentials. sinum shows you where.


ECOPRO Efficiency

«To reduce own costs and at the same time the impacts on the environment is no contradiction. On the basis of a corporate ecobalance we intensified our efforts in the area of gold coating. Today we need three times less gold for the same surface. Saving money and protecting the environment at once.»

Mister Eichenberger, Plating Manager, Huber+Suhner AG


Reduce costs and environmental impacts:

An Ecoperformance Profile from sinum shows you the most important causes, processes and their impact on the environment. It identifies the areas in which it is possible to optimize costs and environmental impacts.


Analyse material flows, calculate impacts:

sinum measures your material and energy flows, analyses occurring costs and calculates the resulting impacts on the environment. Do you know your emissions of CO2, PM or waste water? With an adequate indicator set according to ISO 14031, you will obtain an overview – illustrated in quantity units and costs.


Implement measures, publicise your commitement:

Plan clearly-defined measures on this basis; supervise your progress and success. Use the results for communication: justify your decisions which will be based on facts, sensitize clients, suppliers and employees. ECOPRO Communication